About me

My paintings are the result of my multidisciplinary educational background in art, design and social science studies, as well as my inspiration from Nature, music, traveling and everything related to Art.

Reality is a mistery that I try to understand and attempt to embody and materialize as I apprehend it. I try to recreate it in my work as a sensitive and beautiful world that it evokes. Painting has always helped and accompanied me. It has been a vital support in the way I see life.

Rosa Galindo

The visible dashing brush strokes and vigorously applied pigments are visible signs of Rosa Galindo’s working process: some quintessential qualities of the Action Painting style.

Rosa Galindo’s paintings allegorically echo our own presence as individuals within an imaginably staggering world. Her work reflects a philosophical idea related to understanding the place of humanity within the universe.


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Trust your colours, it’s you’re essence🫶🏼
Qué maravilla sentirse tan bien acompañada! Gracias a todos los que me apoyasteis ayer noche🫶🏼
El miércoles 22 de mayo inauguraremos mi nueva exposición en Pigment Gallery
Me encantaría que te pasaras!

Echoes, ripples, buzz’d whispers..

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Aquí estoy cocinando mi nueva expo 

 22 de mayo
Pigment Gallery 

Leave the light on in the yard for me 

Lost in a dream, The World on Drugs
Diálogo silencioso
Hay una buena cantidad de nada en la vida y hay que saber dejarla atrás

‘Nada’ C. Laforet
It’s not described, it’s happening
Algunas cosas pueden parecer nada y lo son todo
C. Laforet
Happy if it makes you happy
Better impossible