Marila Gómez-Alarcón Journalist. Doctorate in Art History. Art critic. Member of the International Asociation of Art Critics A.I.C.A. April 2017

The landscape hidden in the methacrylate. Creating an illusion of plasticity through a medium which is infrequent -we refer to plexiglas- and thanks to hands that direct the stroke with dominance and intensity, as relating to the space with a rhythm of overflowing expressiveness. We are referring to the personal style of Rosa Galindo. A new treatment of form and space in which she locates her already recognized subjects, especially floral. Petals become landscape and come to be part of a universe of inconmensurable dimensions. Born from a background, their intimacy advances towards the observer, and they transcend all their chromatic power. The whisper of the breeze that these works possess, placed on dark backgrounds that takes us back to the seventeenth century, possibly leads us to caress the purity of the alchemy of the sum of glazes. Her palette is transformed when facing the landscape. The frosty and white tones occupy a privileged place; the painting flows without rest and without violence…elegantly disguised with the most difficult mantle to obtain: